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SRL 1 Short Range Lidar (Infrared sensor)

  Typical areas of application:Bumperon ferry / Prellbock auf Fähre

  • Simple anti-collision protection for vehicles of every description (particularly autonomous)
  • Positioning, headway control (vehicles of every description as construction machinery, fork lifts, tractors, harvester combines….particularly autonomous as AGV, special transporter, module transporter…)
  • Area monitoring system, e.g. of hazardous or non-accessible areas
  • Object detection, e.g. in confusing or unclear areas
  • General distance and speed monitoring
  • Rail traffic technology, approximation aid for bumper
  • Handling hot preliminary products (billets and slabs) in steel works
  • Wood-working
  • Automated cut of semi-finished products

 SRL 1 Laser escape / Laseraustritt

Measuring procedure:SRL 1 Laser beam / Laserstrahlen

The rugged SRL 1 sensor from A.D.C. measures the distance to objects without reflector by using the technique of the time of flight with a very high repetition rate. A special feature of the device is the measurement of distance and velocity of multiple objects in 3 independent measuring channels in close-up range up to 10 m.

Advantages:SRL 1 Short Range Lidar (Infrared sensor)

  • Fast: The SRL 1 dispels with the apparent contradiction between excellent great measuring performance and a high degree of operational safety. The rugged SRL 1 infrared sensor is capable of determining the distance to an object with a very high repetition rate and dependent on the driving speed a possible risk of collision.
  • Reliable: The SRL 1 infrared sensor is equipped with a self-monitoring with a cyclic realized self-diagnosis. Hazard incidents of the sensor will be recognized by it self and displayed automatically.
  • Cost-efficient: By using the infrared laser technology and the development and mass production in automotive supply industry, the costs are kept low.

Interfaces:SRL 1 Rückseite mit Anschluss / rear side with connector

The device is fitted with one CAN bus interface as standard. Further interfaces, software  adaption, housing and / or hardware adaption are possible on demand and in case of assumption of costs or could be realized by the customer itself. The SRL 1 also could be used for complex measuring tasks.