Surround View

Combined sensors for more complex driving situations

In the future, combining sensors and other sources of information (such as the navigation system) will enable advanced driver assistance systems to support the driver in increasingly complex driving situations, up to and including highly automated driving. The camera based Surround View system from ADAS represents another component of this approach. The system gives the driver a full 360° view around the vehicle as well as providing additional information for driver assistance functions, which then unlocks further options, such as fully automated parking.

Whereas ASL360 provides drivers with two-dimensional images, future Continental surround view systems will be able to furnish 3D views. Several types of scalable systems are in development so that surround view can be offered in different vehicle segments. The basic version offers a pure 360-degree 3D image to assist in parking and maneuvering at low speeds.  The Intelligent, active surround view systems will also recognize pedestrians, warn the driver or even stop the vehicle in critical situations.