Lane Departure Warning / Lane Keeping System (LDW / LKS)

LDW / LKS provides the driver with warnings to protect him from unintentionally leaving the lane.

Lane Departure Warning

If a truck strays out of its lane, a critical situation can easily arise. In fact, official statistics show that one in five accidents involving commercial vehicles is the result of a sideways collision.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) detects the lane up to 40m ahead of the vehicle with a camera, optimized for this specific application. LDW will warn the driver through acoustical or haptic signals like vibrations if he or she is on the verge of inadvertently drifting out of the lane.

In combination with an electric intervention in the steering LDW becomes an active Lane Keeping Assistant (LKS). A smooth recommendation in the steering is another warning to the driver but the driver’s decision takes priority at all times. Through these system interventions important seconds are gained which can save lives, especially when at the edge of the verge. Thus the Lane Departure Warning system from Continental fulfills the new EU safety regulations for driver assistance systems in commercial vehicles.


  • Avoidance of dangerous situations caused by inattention
  • Effective warning through multileveled HMI-concept
  • Avoidance of tire damage and the resulting breakdown costs
  • Optional upgrading with intelligent Headlamp Control (IHC)
  • Optional upgrading to Traffic Sign Recognition