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Intelligent Tire Systems

ITS Sensor System overview

An intelligent tire information system offers far more than the name indicates. It allows permanent monitoring of the tires and displays its status in the cockpit or the secondary display. In case of pressure loss the driver immediately receives a warning. By the means of telematics we have already thought about tomorrow: the Intelligent Tire System allows a direct transmission of the tire information from the vehicle to the next service station.


  • soft warning: pressure level below regular values
  • hard warning: critical pressure level reached
  • temperature compensated warnings
  • temperature warning: critical temperature level reached
  • sensor mute detection: wheel sensor does not transmit
  • internal diagnostics for system failure detection
  • pressure values and warnings are displayed with position information

Layout basic system Basic system - overview

The base system consists of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and the tire modules or alternatively the tire sensors. Each tire module – mounted on the inside of the tires – sends the collected data via a radio frequency transmitter to the ECU. From there the analyzed data are transmitted once more via a bus system to the display in the cockpit. The driver can have the desired information displayed at any time and with that be informed about the latest state on pressure, temperature and tire condition. In case of a deviation from the normal tire value a warning will immediately be shown in the instrument cluster or the secondary display.

Features TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Electronic Control Unit (ECU):

  • integrated antenna and receiver
  • CAN interface to vehicle bus

Features Tire Modules:

  • battery-powered
  • one Tire Module for each tire, fixed on inside of the tire
  • highly integrated sensor + RF transmitter
  • no influence on tire mounting/dismounting
  • compatible to all tire brands
  • life time of Tire Module equal to tire life cycle (including retread)
  • Tire Module can be removed from "old" tire and used in new one until end of battery life

Features Wheel Units (alternatively):

  • one Wheel Unit for each tire, via a belt fixed on the rim
  • absolute compatible with TM
  • proven mechanics, commercial vehicle adapted electronics
  • standalone and independent mounting process

Advanced system architecture with automatic localization

Depending on the customers needs additional functions can be implemented to the basic system.


  • automatic localization of tire sensors via RF (for axis)
  • automatic localization of tire sensors via LF (for twin tires)
  • left/right localization for the steering axle
  • left/right localization for twin tire axles

Layout advanced system

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Private Customers
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