ContiTeamCup 2009/2010 – finals wrap-up

09/20/2010 The route to ContiTeamCup qualification was long. Over 100 locations worldwide vied to qualify for the final round – twelve made it to Hanover. The four women’s teams came from China, Germany, Italy and Mexico, while the eight men‘s teams were from Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia.

Over the weekend the twelve teams fought it out for the title.


Armed with drums, horns and trumpets, the many spectators on hand to cheer the players on were able to enjoy exciting, first-rate duels and, in the end, an "old" and a new world champion.

The women from Cuautla, Mexico, successfully defended their title in the final round with a 1:0 victory over the women’s team from Frankfurt, Germany. A German team was, however, able to capture the title on the men’s side of the ledger! The team from Korbach overpowered the team from Várzea Paulista 3:0, enabling the team members to raise the world champion trophy high over their heads for the first time.

The trophies were presented by the Executive Board member for Passenger and Light Truck Tires, Nikolai Setzer, and the Executive Board member for human resources, Heinz-Gerhard Wente. "As official partner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™, we wanted to use the ContiTeamCup to establish a intra-corporate connection to our World Cup sponsoring. And in so doing, the ContiTeamCup not only made for many very exciting matches but – much more importantly – brought employees at different plants and from different countries together,” remarked Wente.

And all of that proved a smashing success: A major football festival was celebrated across all national borders – both on the turf as well as at the big party Saturday evening, at which there was a lot of singing and dancing together.

This time the kick-off for the final round of the ContiTeamCup was not on the playing field but at the Hanover zoo. The opening event together gave the teams a chance to get to know one another or to have the pleasure of seeing familiar faces again. In his welcoming address, Dr. Elmar Degenhart, chairman of the Executive Board, once more underscored the significance of the ContiTeamCup for the company. “The ContiTeamCup shows what is true for both football and Continental: To deliver top performance, you have to be a team player and contribute your individual strengths for the success of all. We need people that exhibit passion, team spirit and enormous commitment and do not lose sight of the common objective

What winners look like: The successful women’s teams from Pisa, Italy, Cuautla, Mexico, and Frankfurt, Germany, together with Executive Board members Nikolai Setzer and Heinz-Gerhard Wente

Jubilation among the men’s teams from Timisoara, Romania; Korbach, Germany; and Várzea Paulista, Brazil, as they receive their trophies from Executive Board members Nikolai Setzer and Heinz-Gerhard Wente

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