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Tire repair for passenger car and light truck tires
If tire damage is suspected or found, it should be carefully assessed by a trained tire specialist immediately. Available in both English and French. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Tire maximum service life for passenger car and light truck
The point at which a tire is replaced is a decision for which the owner of the tire is responsible. The following information and recommendations are made to aid in assessing the point of maximum service life. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

How to Build a Radial Tire
If you have ever wondered how tires are made, the following is a roadmap for the construction of a radial tire.

Quick Facts about Continental Tire North America, Inc.
Continental Tire North America, Inc. (CTNA, formerly Continental General Tire) is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a subsidary of Continental AG. CTNA acquired General Tire in 1987.

Tire Tips and Maintenance:
It only takes a couple of minutes on maintenance each month to keep your tires working at their best. 

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