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NewsThe New General Tire Generation
The New General Tire Generation

CHARLOTTE, NC (May 23, 2005) - Continental Tire North America, Inc. (CTNA) is launching a new generation of General brand tires by introducing product lines in two new tire segments.

The Exclaim UHP is General Tire's first full line of ultra high performance passenger tires that delivers high performance in any condition and targets today's aggressive performance fitments. The Grabber UHP and Grabber HP are General's first ever-street sport truck tires for the expanding performance SUV and Light Truck market.

The innovative double-V tread pattern of the Exclaim UHP quickly evacuates water to increase resistance to hydroplaning. The innovative silica compound provides excellent traction and mileage.  "The Exclaim UHP provides ultra high performance in any condition for passenger cars," says Tony Talbert, CTNA General Tire brand manager. "We are excited to enter the fast growing high performance market in North America with this highly innovative Exclaim UHP product line." The Exclaim UHP is available in 21 sizes from 16" to 20" with speed ratings from W to Y.

The General Grabber UHP with the new V-shaped directional tread pattern improves safety in wet conditions and significantly reduces hydroplaning. In addition, the use of high performance silica tread compound reduces rolling resistance. The tread shoulder blocks of the Grabber UHP are siped to provide many gripping edges, which keep braking distances short even on wet roads. "The Grabber UHP delivers excellent wet and dry traction," states Talbert. "This ultra high performance tire is engineered for a quiet ride with an open aggressive tread, and the new 'stress relief' contour delivers even wear throughout the tread life." The Grabber UHP will be introduced in 27 sizes that cover many Original Equipment and plus fitments and is approved for speed ratings from T up to W. 

The Grabber HP is the second performance tire for the General Grabber family. With the multiple edges in the shoulder lugs, this tire is engineered to further enhance handling and provide outstanding wet braking performance. The Grabber HP is a quiet, comfortable tire for SUVs and Light Trucks. The super flat belt contour of the Grabber HP provides an excellent mileage performance. It is introduced in 5 sizes.

"With these three new tire lines, designed with global technologies, General Tire is stepping into a new segment with high quality, first-class products that will provide consumers with the performance and design they demand," added Talbert.

About Continental Tire North America, Inc.

Continental Tire North America, Inc. (, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a group company of Germany-based Continental AG, a leading systems supplier to the automotive industry. With annual sales of more than a billion dollars, Continental Tire North America, Inc. has about 7,000 employees and operates six plants in North America. CTNA is a major supplier to the original equipment and replacement tire markets, selling Continental, General, Euzkadi and private brands in North America.

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