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NewsContinental Introduces Two New Continental Tires
Continental Introduces Two New Continental Tires

CHARLOTTE, NC (May 23, 2005) - Continental Tire North America, Inc. (CTNA) unveiled two innovative new tire lines this week. These all-new Continental products, the ContiProContact for performance-luxury sedans and ContiCrossContact UHP for SUV and Light Truck vehicles are designed for the North American market. These tires both provide innovative all-season versatility and safety under extreme road conditions.


Continental's ContiProContact is a high-performance all-season tire designed to deliver responsiveness, control and comfort for real life driving.  ContiProContact tires come as original equipment on Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes and other world-class automobiles.

The ContiProContact with PROactive Edge Technology incorporates three new technologies to provide superior road performance:  PROactive Edge Technology, Controlled Sipe Interaction and a PROgressive Groove Ramp.

PROactive Edge Technology is an innovation in the geometry of the tire sipes.  This technology optimizes road grip while reducing tire noise.  The traction is accomplished using a curved sipe design, increasing the amount of edges in the tire contact patch.  Tire noise is reduced through the curved nature of the sipes, improving transfer between the edges. "The PROactive Edge Technology makes the ContiProContact best in class for wet braking," says Paul Tecci, Continental brand manager. "The innovative pattern edge design yields increased grip and a quieter ride, providing the best possible driving experience for the customer." 

Controlled Sipe Interaction is an innovation that improves the interaction of the sipes, resulting in reduced tread block deformation. This provides unparalleled steering precision and even tire wear.  The curved design of the tread block edges keeps the tread blocks from deforming under load, delivering precision steering and handling in wet or dry conditions.

PROgressive Groove Ramp technology improves both cornering stability and water evacuation.  This Continental technology utilizes a progressively rounder groove base to support the tire shoulder, resulting in a sporty, predictable feel during cornering.  The groove ramp also provides an easy water evacuation path to move water quickly away from the tire.

"The ContiProContact was designed for superior performance in any condition," added Tecci. "This all-season tire incorporates the latest innovations and it shows, with unparalleled wet-braking, outstanding responsiveness and optimized comfort.  The tire will please customers no matter what their driving style." 

The ContiProContact is also available with one of Continental's run-flat systems, the Self-Supporting-Run flat tire (SSR).  The ContiProContact will be introduced in 22 sizes in H, V and W speed rating.

ContiCrossContact UHP

Continental's all-new ContiCrossContact UHP, while designed for light pickups and SUVs, is approved for speeds up to 170 mph. Its driving characteristics, such as exceptionally short wet and dry braking distances and high cornering stability, were specifically tailored to meet the requirements of high performance SUV vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne or the BMW X5.

"The ContiCrossContact UHP is the perfect balance of function and fashion: From the stylish look of the asymmetric tread to the superior performance in handling and braking," says Tecci. "This tire delivers responsiveness and comfort designed to please even the most discerning drivers."

The asymmetrical tread design of the ContiCrossContact UHP permits a 'work division' of the treads, so that it can achieve the desired driving characteristics. The inner and outer shoulder of the tire is designed differently, with the outer shoulder grooves closed to achieve best cornering stability and the inner shoulder grooves open to for enhanced wet performance.  The bionic contour design allows for the optimum tire contact shape that results in best-in-class wet and dry braking.  The wide circumferential grooves ensure good resistance to hydroplaning when driving in the rain. Water can be quickly dispersed to the sides of the tire away from the inner shoulder. In addition to the superior performance characteristics the ContiCrossContact UHP also delivers best-in-class noise comfort.  This balance of comfort and performance make the ContiCrossContact UHP the perfect choice for luxury performance SUV owners.

The ContiCrossContact UHP is available in 20 sizes and is original equipment on vehicles ranging from Mercedes to Land Rover.

About Continental Tire North America, Inc.

Continental Tire North America, Inc. (, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a group company of Germany-based Continental AG, a leading systems supplier to the automotive industry. With annual sales of more than a billion dollars, Continental Tire North America, Inc. has about 7,000 employees and operates six plants in North America. CTNA is a major supplier to the original equipment and replacement tire markets, selling Continental, General, Euzkadi and private brands in North America.

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