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News General Tire is Official Tire of "Fast & Furious" Feature Film
General Tire Drift Team Wins 2008 DMCC Constructor Championship Title
General Tire Takes 1st place at Round 1 of the 2008 Castrol DMCC from Montmagny, Quebec
Continental Tire Canada, Inc. office relocation on March 1st, 2008
General Tire Unveils New Logo To Reflect Revitalization Of The General Tire Brand
General Tire Debuts Altimax™ Flagship Powerline
Continental Writes New Chapter in Success Story
Continental Tire North America Announces Price Increase
General Tire Launches First Winter Tire – Altimax™ Arctic
Continental Announces Western Outdoor News Sponsorship
CTNA Announces Further Reduction in Tire Production at the Company’s Charlotte Plant in July
Continental Opens Tire Plant in Brazil
CTNA Announces Indefinite Suspension of Tire Production at Charlotte Plant
Continental AG sets further milestones in 2005
CTNA Breaks Ground For Tandem Mixer In Mt. Vernon
CTNA Offers New Approach to Reduce Costs at its Charlotte Plant
CTNA to Reduce Production at Charlotte Plant
Continental Tire Introduces New Online Initiatives
The New General Tire Generation
Continental Introduces Two New Continental Tires
Continental Tire celebrates General's 90th Anniversary
Continental expands engineering services unit
Award winning car and truck equipped with Continental tires
Continental AG donates $500,000 for Tsunami victims
Winter Promotion / Promotion d'hiver
Continental AG Continues Its Successful Track Record
General Tire Exclaim UHP Ranks First on Tire Rack Consumer Survey
Safety Tire Plus-sizing for Passenger and Light Truck Vehicles
Studs Specification
Studs Specification
General Tire Limited Warranty
General Tire Limited Warranty
Tire maximum service life for passenger car and light truck
Tire repair for passenger car and light truck tires
Tire Storage Tips
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Exclaim™ UHP
Grabber™ UHP
AmeriTrac™ TR
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